She's Illogical (shescreamed) wrote,
She's Illogical

feminist overload, blech.

My book review assignments have gotten a little stale, probably because the magazines I review books for are almost all feminist magazines which seriously limits the types of books I am assigned.
I had down time at work and was trying to read my assignments but they included an anthology of lesbian erotica and a book centered around the Écriture féminine school of theory.
I was like can I stop reading about vaginas please, really, I am so sick of seeing the words "labia" and "clitoris."

So I tried to read an Amélie Nothomb book I am reviewing, but that only consisted of endless discussion of whether or not the book's famous author was a misogynist because he had never slept with a woman.

However, last time I wrote a book review for a non feminist publication the male author called me a terrible writer for calling his main character listless. I still never wrote a response to him, which I need to do if I want my freelance gig back.
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