She's Illogical (shescreamed) wrote,
She's Illogical

do you honestly think I would go on a date? I mean really...

I am kind of annoyed/surprised that whenever I hang out with anyone who is male people will for some reason think that that means I am on a date and there is something sexual going on with said male. It makes me want to say "You are not a very observant person, are you?"

I say this because last night B said to me that her boyfriend (who seems to closely follow my Facebook updates) told her that I have a Scandinavian boyfriend and B seemed to think this was true and was all like oh yes how did you meet him. All I said in my facebook status update was that I hung out with some guy from Finland, why people would turn thia into me having a boyfriend I do not know. I wanted to say (and should have said) you have known me for three years now. Have I ever during that time ever expressed the teeniest bit of sexual interest in any male or let alone human being? I mean wouldn't statements like "I have a boyfriend" or "I went on a date" be followed by "and shortly there after hell froze over?

It is annoying because I remember when I was younger and would have friends who were boys my female friends would all decide I had a sexual interest and sometimes their conjectures would get back to said friend and it would either turn into ew, you like me? or awesome because I am secretly into you which are both lose lose situations.

Maybe when I am 50 and people will realize I have lived half a century without ever going on a date they will not assume that me spending any time around a male denotes sexual motives. Because, you know, if I was going to go on a date wouldn't I have done it before I had to start thinking about things like menopause?
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