She's Illogical (shescreamed) wrote,
She's Illogical

I guess my roommate is angry at me because I do not answer his emails or messages because I am busy. I sometimes leave my laptop on and then go out for the day. He wrote me some angry im saying I disrespect him by not answering his instant messages, so I said I think knocking on someone's door at 4:30 a.m. is disrespectful, so he wrote this:

He wrote me this almost unreadable email:

I never bang ur room .4:30 it was arround 1 and i always respect u. Even tho if u stay over in my room all night long , i guess it would be normal to bang ur foor late. And when i did was not to ask u for some fun or any thing it was to give u some donuts i had. And i knock ur door once .tho i knew u were up . I left right away after u didnt answer and didnt try it again
.cos i respect. No u r wrong u r not perfectly nice person cos what u mentiond in the last couple emails
.being clean and have the place clean is for ur self brfore any one else and has no thing to do with my internet. If u want my internet u have to ask me for it in personal cos that part of respect. I guess this disscusion is ended and there is no thing else to talk about
have anice day

I don't even know what he means or care, none of my roommates like him so it is not like him not liking me will lead to me being kicked out or anything. Probably in the long run it is better a guy thinks I am a bitch than a nice girl, less likely he will hit on me anymore :). Plus some part of me really enjoys standing up to men and calling them on their bullshit, even though I usually just let things go.
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