She's Illogical (shescreamed) wrote,
She's Illogical

Last Night

I hung out with my friend Brieanne yesterday. We were supposed to go to this uber cheesy fashion show where we were both on the list because we are journalists that write about useless things like tote bags, jewelry lines, indie rock albums, and obscure theater no one will ever go see.
(I do not call myself a journalist, or even a writer although I do actually get paid for words that get published so maybe in a sort of optimistic kind of mindset I can just maybe count as a journalist if you are being generous.) But B was wearing saddle shoe sneakers with her dress and everyone else was in heels so she got uncomfortable and made us leave. But I wanted to stay because there were super cheesy celebrities there like Kourtney Kardashian and Kate Cassidy plus giftbags. I mean, that stuff is pretty lame but once in awhile it is sort of amusing to put on a designer dress and go to some place where people are struggling to get in and are waiting to snap photos of b level celebrities, and say oh I am on the list. But yes, the people who go to those things are also vapid assholes so I can see why one would be uncomfortable. But as a girl who used to have to interview arrogant rock boys all the time, I am used to pretentious assholes.

We were supposed to go to a whiskey tasting as well but that was starting by the time the F train came to find us, so I agreed to go all the way to Jersey with her.
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